Special Class of People

Many people think that because someone does a certain job it sets that person apart from the rank and file.  Take, for instance, law enforcement.  Many cops are given special discounts (in fact they often expect them in some situations), they are regarded as somehow more honest or trustworthy, and they are often given a pass when they do break the law.  The same holds true for those who hold political office, certain athletes, actors and a few other “classes” of people.

I have been told by some that we, the rank and file, are not as smart as those who have been selected…hired…by the voters to represent us.  I have heard people say that police are more proficient with firearms than civilians.  Neither of these things are any more true than saying that a redhead has a hot temper or that one ethnic group is less intelligent than another.  Just because someone has a job doesn’t make them better than anyone else…or even qualified for the position that they hold! Continue reading