Ideas and Ideology

We, as individuals, are capable of independent thought processes.  By the time we reach our teens we have formed a belief system, filled with expectations of what society, humanity and the world around us is made of.  These may be based on realistic assumptions or wishful thinking.  Some are founded in religious dictates, others based on our environmental input and still more founded on instinct or our inner voices.

Free thought, the ability to analyze our observations of the world around us and draw conclusions, make decisions, form opinions, is essential to the survival of our species.  Yet it is suppressed by many of us.  We don’t want to be singled out, so we conform to the popular opinion.  We don’t want to be ridiculed or persecuted, so we don’t speak out when we disagree with current “politically correct” public opinions.

Well, I say that it is time for those opinions to be given voice.  You, as an individual, are not required to agree with the opinions of others…that is what freedom is!  You are entitled to your very own opinion.  You are entitled to voice that opinion, just the same as I do or anyone else does.  This is how great ideas are forged.  This is how innovations, experimentations and civilizations are born.  This is the essence of freedom.  It should be shared…it should be savored…it should be relished as the very core of humanity.


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