What Race Are You?

How do you identify yourself?  In the aftermath of the recent racial tensions (which were mostly created ad fueled by media spewing inaccurate information), I began to reflect on how many people identify themselves by the color of their skin or the lineage of their ancestors.


The thought occurred to me that if we truly want a society free from racial prejudice then we must realize that we are all members of the same race…the human race.  If you were to change the color of your skin would you be a different person?  No, you would not…and if you would be different, you are not being honest with yourself about who you really are.  If you are afforded special privileges because of ethnicity (or gender) is that not also a form of bias?  Absolutely!  In addition, it is demeaning in the implication that someone is not able to compete on their own simply because their skin is somehow pigmented differently than another persons or they lack certain anatomical features.

In addition to this, we are often conditioned to live up to or down to common expectations.  We can’t help it, as a rule, because our society teaches us to conform, fit in, blend in.  We are often afraid to forge our own path and ignore those who say it can’t work that way.  But this is the recipe for mediocrity at best and inhibits the prospect of any real change or advancement.

When you look at yourself and others, do you see the person or the shell that holds that individual?  I am asking you all to look past the shell at the character.  I am not saying don’t judge people…that talent is essential to survival.  What I am saying is don’t judge the book by the cover but by the content.  Learn to see people as part of the human race, not divided by some arbitrary sub-category.