Time For A Little Reality Check

This ties in nicely with my post on “What Is Freedom”. Beware those who would take your money and redistribute it for the “greater good” as they often have their own interests on the top of their list.

Desert Musings

We’ve all been led to believe that the richest people in this country, the “1%’ers” are all Republicans who don’t care about the middle class and only care about lining their pockets with more Franklins. They’re the guys with the million dollar salaries, and the super-nice and expensive houses. It’s the Democrats who are “Joe Blue Collar”…the guys that are like you and me. They worked for years trying to make ends meet, scrambling to put together next month’s mortgage payment, and send little Jimmy and Joan to school so they could get good grades and go to college someday. Well my friends, you were lied to. And now I have the proof.

According to MSN (owned by Democrat Bill Gates and Microsoft), 8 of the 10 richest members of Congress aren’t Republicans. They’re Democrats. Though in all fairness, the top two do belong to the GOP. A quick accounting:

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