Redskins and Other Politically Incorrect Names

There has been a bunch of yapping going on lately about the Washington Redskins being offensive.  I say, so what?  If someone is offended, that’s okay.  There are others who are flattered by the name and some of them would no doubt be offended if it were changed.

Too much attention is given to not hurting the feelings of a few sensitive individuals.  The old saying is that you can’t please all of the people all of the time.  These names were not given out of spite.  In fact they honor a heritage and symbolize bravery and athleticism.  Frankly for a few individuals to demand that the rest of the world cater to their indignance is, well, offensive!


2 thoughts on “Redskins and Other Politically Incorrect Names

  1. I totally understand the point you’re making. As a nation, I believe we’re heading towards a sensitive direction which can be very irritating. The name Redskins has been around for many years now and it has yet to be changed. My only comment in reference to your blog as a whole is be careful of the harsh claim you’re making. The origin of the word “redskin” is debated. Some scholars say that it was coined by early settlers in reference to the skin tone of Native Americans, while others say it referred to the color of the body paint used by certain tribes. Majority of Native Americans are not offended by it, but choose wisely when you say “It’s just a name, who cares.” If you were speaking to an African American and used the “n” word with them, the name is going to matter. The only reason the Redskins chose that name was because they didn’t know confusion with the Braves baseball team, since they were originally the Braves. In order to strengthen your argument, just add some background information to the football team’s name so people are aware before they jump on the defense.


    • Respectfully, I am not sure from your response if you did understand my point. Perhaps I was not as clear as I intended. Connotations come in and out of style. There was a time when people of African decent were highly insulted if you called them “black” and negro was the appropriate term. The “N” word, as you call it, was a common and acceptable slang pronunciation. This evolved into “black” or “colored” and the older term was outdated and morphed into being offensive. Today, black, colored, negro and of course nigger are all considered derogatory unless they are used by someone of African decent. Oddly, if you are a pot you can call the kettle black without anyone getting upset.

      My entire point was not about the name but about the fact that we are never going to say anything that does not insult someone…and that’s okay. People are allowed to be insulted, or to agree or to be neutral. BUT people are NOT allowed to force their views on you or me or anyone else. We live in a free country (sort-of). That means that we will disagree with other views and from time to time be insulted…but that is part of freedom.


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